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Monday, May 29, 2006


Spent Sunday afternoon visiting with J and doing the handwork on the quilt for H. The guys went to the funeral. It's probably better that I didn't go - I'm no good at these things. Cry through the whole thing even though I hardly know the deceased. I should just become a professional mourner. I could do that.
Then when they got back, we grilled some dinner and enjoyed a nice meal together. More talk afterward, me showing things I've been working on to J and the two of them working on the downstairs computer, finally making some headway, I guess.
Today, I'm working on homework and then played around with this photo of me in New Orleans. There was a small child in the background and other stuff unrelated to me and the Prince. So I painted it out. Before I cut my bangs again. I think I like my bangs some days and some days not. Some days I'm serious about losing ten pounds and some not so dedicated.
It's dribbling rain today. Humid and nasty out. I wanted to do some gardening, but making excuses now. Bragged that I was going to actually clean house on the long weekend. Instead, the quilt got mostly done and I'm much prouder of that than clearing the cobwebs J pointed out to me last night.

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