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Wednesday, May 31, 2006

okay, that's better

Things appear to be normal today. The photos are sort of the way I left them last night. However, I had deleted and added them about ten times and gave up and went to my yahoo photosite to upload homework - thinking this blog was toast based on the wierd message I got from the hosts which seemed to be trying to get me to upgrade to a paying subscription which when you read the fine print means you never get to go back to free status again. It was keeping me from logging on for awhile and then my photos would not show up even though the thumbnails were there.
Only half a day at the salt mines today. Other half taking J to the doctor. Raining all day. Not feeling very cheery. Not sure why. Probably the dark skies, too many carbs.
medium_back of the cd full color.jpg
This is the back of a CD I sent to everyone on a list I'm on. It says: Are you looking for art all around you?

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no new photos in albums

Tried everything, can't add any photos to my albums. Deleted some things to see if I maxed out and that was why. But that didn't help. All I get is thumbnails on the first page of the album. When you click on the new thumbnails, you get bupkis. I don't want to change my subscribtion from free. But maybe I need to look for other places.

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Tuesday, May 30, 2006

what the ...

checking to see if I can upload words. Photos aren't uploading into my albums anymore.medium_sailor take warning screen shot.jpg
But this seems to be working okay.

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Monday, May 29, 2006


Spent Sunday afternoon visiting with J and doing the handwork on the quilt for H. The guys went to the funeral. It's probably better that I didn't go - I'm no good at these things. Cry through the whole thing even though I hardly know the deceased. I should just become a professional mourner. I could do that.
Then when they got back, we grilled some dinner and enjoyed a nice meal together. More talk afterward, me showing things I've been working on to J and the two of them working on the downstairs computer, finally making some headway, I guess.
Today, I'm working on homework and then played around with this photo of me in New Orleans. There was a small child in the background and other stuff unrelated to me and the Prince. So I painted it out. Before I cut my bangs again. I think I like my bangs some days and some days not. Some days I'm serious about losing ten pounds and some not so dedicated.
It's dribbling rain today. Humid and nasty out. I wanted to do some gardening, but making excuses now. Bragged that I was going to actually clean house on the long weekend. Instead, the quilt got mostly done and I'm much prouder of that than clearing the cobwebs J pointed out to me last night.

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Sunday, May 28, 2006

hate to be distracted

Wow, yesterday was great. I was up early (watering, again) and began the quilt for HEG. I pulled out all the fabric bought over a year ago and just ... began. Sewed a square on flannel and flipped it and pressed it and sewed on a strip and flipped it and pressed it and so on. After a time the areas to be overlapped became so long that I had to create interesting long blocks to sew on or it would have looked like an enormous log cabin block. I left one block with a light background for embroidering the date and names. I am happy with the way the accidental layout turned out. Mostly I'm just happy to have it together in a short period of time. I pinned the thing on the wall occasionally to debut big blocks and the fabric stuck to the flannel background easily. A flannel board! Remember those from vacation bible school? Well, I'm going to make one with checked flannel for laying out quilt blocks now. So much easily than working on the floor and there is never a large enough table space clear to use. Anyway, the view is wrong when it's horizontal rather than on the wall.

So I got the entire top done by late afternoon. Hub went to see X-men with the kids (yuk) and I was at home when he called to see if I wanted to go to dinner. NOT! I was just finding that I had a couple of problems where the fabric slipped out from under the lapped seam and trying to figure what I was going to do about that since I had already sewn the sandwich together pillow case style and began the handquilting. I was on a roll and not to be interrupted. I responded badly on the phone. We had already planned to go see The DaVinci Code in the evening and that was all the time I was willing to give up. Besides I wasn't hungry. That's the good part about being totally immersed in a project - no thought about eating. But the bad part about total immersion is being cranky when distracted.

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