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Tuesday, July 18, 2006

employment opportunity

Some twenty-five years ago, my doctor reached for his prescription pad and asked me if I wanted some help losing weight. I said, what? a bodyguard? He laughed and I declined the magic pill he was offering.
But now, I am reconsidering my answer. A bodyguard. Hmmm, that would be someone who came between me and the enemy. BODYguard. Perhaps, I'm on to something here. Lots of people use personal trainers. I need a personal bodyguard to keep with me at all times. Someone who will say, No, she doesn't want to see the dessert tray. No, she's spiritually allergic to candy. HEY, you with the chips, back away from the chick with no willpower!

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You crack me up... When you find your "body" guard, see if he has a brother (or sister - I'm not picky) to send my way! :)
- Kath

Posted by: Katherine R. Willson | Tuesday, July 18, 2006

does this mean that you won't be eating chocolate in future?

Posted by: miss terious | Friday, July 21, 2006