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Thursday, July 20, 2006

9 to 6

Not a bad score if I played baseball. But it's not runs, hits, but maybe it could count as errors. Hours I spend away from the worktable upstairs. Really bad kharma today. Too much chocolate diversion. Gotta read those applications for Bodyguard.
Water aerobics was very nice. Warm as a baby's bath. Sun slowly dipping behind the high tension lines. Feel it in my behind. I'm really working on my form. No chatty-Cathy's in this group. We are all concentrating on our exercise. Several mother/daughter teams. Wish J was taking it with me again this year. Too complicated though. M is taking swim lessons with her daddy on the same nights and so there is no babysitter for the little tank.
I gotta finish the frogs. And I signed up for a matchbox swap and let it slip that I would entertain the idea of doing a deco if it appeared in my mailbox. Shut my mouth and wash it out with soap.
But it might be a green deco....