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Monday, July 31, 2006

monday comes round again

Company heading for home today. Things should be almost normal soon. I only have a couple of deadlines to meet during August. I can probably manage these just fine. And August is my month to get squishes from my CPS friends and from my local weaving group. Woohoo! More wonderful stuff coming to a mailbox near me.
Feeling tired. But not nearly as tired as B. Gotta go change the water and start stitching on the quilt. Hope there's a movie on that's not about teenagers with chainsaws, missing body parts, alien planets ... or body parts missing from alien planets as a direct result of teenagers with chainsaws.

Sunday, July 30, 2006

long day

Brunch at Karl's with my SIL and BIL and my daughter's family. medium_2006-07-29_018.jpgWe love that place. Out in the country, nice people, excellent food with an Austrian flavor. The venison and apple salad was wonderful. M ate blintz after Grandpa told her they were cheese pancakes.
Do I have to admit I ate too much? Of course, I did. And drank mimosas. Then we cruised around old town Richmond and headed back for home. Took a break from visiting and made up some photo album pages of the pictures we took in the morning for my SIL to take home to great grandma. Maybe next time she'll feel like coming along.
Spent the evening at J's house. She worked on her torch making beads. We watched "Miss Congeniality" and rocked the baby. Then we watched a CD of all the photos of the family wedding from last May where M was the flower girl. Are all photographers taking odd angled shots on every other photo? medium_bruce_diane_slanted_1965.jpgWhen I was in school, we learned that approach to graphics is to make the viewer feel uneasy and off balance. Not something I think you want to feel when looking at your wedding photos. Stability, constancy, not Hitchcock-type foreboding. Cue the soundtrack for the shower scene in Psycho, please, it's time for the bride to walk up the aisle.

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Saturday, July 29, 2006

ate too much

I woke up from a morning dream about my daughter changing her baby's diaper, but she changed out more than the diaper. Removed the intestines and cleaned them all up and replaced them. Not a gory site, sort of a plastic animatronic version of the human digestive system. Very wierd. I think I ate too much dinner, too late last night.
My bodyguard goes off duty about 8 pm it seems.
We went to a Mexican place and I had the red snapper covered in grilled veggies and cheese and jalopenos. Very nice, but too much food since I also indulged in chips and dip, a little rice and some charro beans. But it was an event. SIL and BIL drove down from Big D and we met my daughter and her family at the restaurant and then we went to their house for a short visit. The new house tour, petting the cats, watching H get his late night snack and then get burped. He was awake for more than two hours and happy most of the time.
More fun and games today and tomorrow.
Oh, almost forgot, received my first decos in the mail! Really cool. Especially since I'm in the mood to glue.

Friday, July 28, 2006

wanna start something

I did a lot of the hand stitching on the bugs quilt in the past week. Hours and hours of waiting time put to good use, I guess. I did some sketching, too. Still antsy to start something new and toss out some old stuff that is not worth finishing. Feel like I could just sweep it all into a bag for curb pickup tomorrow and never miss it. Then I see there is a new House of Cards exhibition planned and I am digging in my boxes for stuff and starting two new projects. Full tilt with no real plan, just an urge to use this or that material.
I really need my head examined.

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Thursday, July 27, 2006

home again, home again

B is at home, back in his lazyboy in front of the TV. Some things stay the same, some are changed forever. Little black cloud hovers overhead with an ominous message: the end is near. Cut to Porky Pig poking his head out of a circle saying, Thhhhat's all, folks!
Life is short. Live good. Laugh a lot.
I have to say, I never saw as many smiling, friendly people as I have met in the past week in the ER and ICU. I am in awe. But I hope we don't visit any of them again for a long time.

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