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Thursday, August 03, 2006

keeping one eye open

A little tired this morning. Stayed awake too long. Came downstairs earlier than usual, waiting on some photo pages to print and B told me his numbers weren't right. So I picked up the phone and announced that this is what one does when one has such numbers. The doctor called back and *I* had a good conversation with him. I would never have gotten all this information second hand. But I repeated everything to B. We followed doctor's advice and appreciated all his input as to what to do for several scenarios that might have developed ... but thankfully didn't. So I went to bed finally and didn't sleep well. Kept listening whenever I woke up. medium_2006-01-15_Surfacing_1.jpg
While I was waiting, I read a couple of magazines, did some weaving as I promised myself I would do and watched Project Runway. J had called to tell us cute stories about the grandbabies and happened to announce off screen that *it* was on to her husband and I yelled at B to change the channel quick. Anyway, the kids all went swimming and baby H had a really good time. Sorry I missed it. M is taking lessons but doesn't like to go underwater. I can relate! I still don't like it. I'm not a fish. Had a very bad intro to the pool when I was about her age. Journaled about it in a round robin we did.