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Sunday, August 20, 2006

suddenly it's raining

and the sun is still shining out there. Good thing I finished my *sun* printing before lunch. I had no idea it was going to rain when I looked at the lawn and thought, hmmm, does it need water again! Yes, I guess it did. But I think I left the little wing windows open on the car. Bummer.
Movie Review: Go see Little Miss Sunshine. Just go. Laugh out loud funny. The teenager in it reminds me of my nephew W. But only in a good way. B thought of W also.
Then we did dinner at Friday's. The bodyguard is on duty again, now three days in a row. Even though there are chocolate frogs in the freezer.
Been working on things for the fall sale. Taking too much time for too little money - again.
So now in the time it has taken to type this and I do 80 wpm, the rain has stopped pouring down. I'll go out and dry off the back seat now.