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Thursday, August 24, 2006

late night inspiration

Round Robin mailing deadline staring at me - not one but two....
After grieving over the lost memory of a masterpiece of an idea, I got down to art-ness and glued some fabric on a sheet of watercolor paper. A piece of silk brocade that had been given a slap-dash wash with natural dyes. I wish now I had paid attention to the direction of the leaves when I applied the three or four colors way back when at a long forgotten Art Camp. But since the square wasn't doing anyone any good stuffed in my fabric stash, I figured it needed a little time *in-country* on the round robin circuit.medium_2006-08-23_004.2.jpg
So tonight after going through the latest issue of Quilting Arts which just arrived today and admiring another fabulous birthday package with frogs inside and out, I read all my email and then began on the page. I painted some gold acrylic in an effort to camoflage the blobs of color and highlight the leaf shapes of the brocade. Working, it's working... I can live with that. Then I am going through boxes and drawers and recent bags of traded stashes pulling out the appropriate colored items and auditioning them and then returning most of them to original hiding places.
Angelina is the stash challenge of the week and I just happen to have an unopened bag of it on top of the pile that is my desk. I iron a couple of artful handfuls and begin to arrange a few other things with it, under it, on top of it - boy, is it hard to work with! It clings, catches, snags, and jumps around. But I discovered a beautiful thing. Sequin waste is made of essentially the same material and they melt together. Wow, it that cool or what? So I embeded some of that in the angelina. Turn over the edge of the fabric and glue it on the back. Waiting for it to dry now. Then I'm going to sew on some thingies and stitch on the edge and then glue a sheet of interesting paper on the back and it's ready to go. Since I am excited about it, it will probably be done tomorrow night and can be posted in the Angelina Challenge on Saturday!!! And in the mail on Monday to beautiful downtown Pasadena.
Woohoo, cross that off the list.
One more to go.
Oh yeah , I mailed a deco to Sleaford today.

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Diane -- I want your pics to be bigger!!! can you make them larger so that we can click on them and see more detail...rachel (stamping my feet)

Posted by: Rachel | Friday, August 25, 2006

Okay, when you click on this one, you get a larger one in another window.
How's that?
I don't how you get yours so big.

Posted by: Diane | Friday, August 25, 2006