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Saturday, September 02, 2006

no breeze today

For some strange reason, this post is showing up as a "home" page and new posts are not showing unless you click on Archives - 2006-09.

Leaves are dead still on the trees. Not a breath of air. Watering the pots even though it supposed to rain on Monday and there is the threat of deadly mosquitos hanging over our tiny city. I live on the edge!
We shared a porterhouse steak last night in celebration at the Taste of Texas. It was not at all busy - everyone has left town for the long weekend. Delicious but now that he's been there, done that, B is happy and doesn't need to go back.
I am definitely going to finish the stuff I am sending for the Quintessential Art group. It is at the top of my list of deadlines missed. I'm sending out a goup of things that are kinda missmatched. I am sure that will confuse everyone so I have to write out my artist's statement to go along with them.
Next project to get done is another book. I played with an idea I had and of course, it didn't work. Moving on to idea number two. This a bright colorful book in paper. I have no idea about the cover, but I was trying for a flag book effect and I wasn't happy with the first run at it. Idea number two is still simmering on the back burner. I need to flip through some books for inspiration. Maybe a wierd shaped book. Maybe torn edges so they don't look so ... commercial in the bright colors. Hmmm, that's worth trying.medium_2006-09-02.jpg
And in between the fun stuff, I have cleaned the kitchen and vacuumed. We expect M to spend the night and B has finished the turtle stool head replacement. We are going to paint it tomorrow. I have to fill the neck joint now so that it will be dry enough to paint. It's a stool J had a child. It seems that M has adopted it cause it caused her pain when we took it away for the repair. She thought we were throwing it away. She has lost toys because they have a rule that anything that goes over the upstairs rail gets thrown away - the rule is supposed to insure safety for those below and she had a bit of problem learning it. One time she was playing with a favorite stuffed animal and it tumbled over accidently and she had to put it tearfully into the trash herself. I hated to see that happen but consistency is supposed to be the key to parenting.
So the turtle stool will have a happy ending. She will get to help paint his new head.