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Sunday, September 03, 2006

pool party

We took the birthday pool party over to my daughter's house to escape the mosquitos. The wading pool was huge. Big enough for all of us, but B stayed inside. The story was that he was enjoying talking to H but really his back was bothering him and he was afraid to get down on the ground in cold water and then not be able to get back up again. We had a delicious dinner and chocolate cheesecake for dessert. The candles were too big to put on top - they were big red peppers!
We had to light them three times - M liked helping grandpa blow them out! medium_2006-09-03.jpg
J's husband was making curtains for the second story windows where the sunshine comes in strong enough to block the signal from the remote control. It's also pretty blinding from J's favorite chair. Then there was the drama of watching the guys coordinate moving a two story ladder around an energetic four year old, a lot of baby paraphenalia, and a ceiling fan to hang the curtains with tension rods. The curtains in the fan lights over all the lower windows in the front look pretty snazy for a minimal amount of work and $1 a yard fabric from Walmart. We watched the documentary on the Twin Towers and that pretty much did me in for the day. We went home tired. I am so glad I'm not responsible for keeping a baby happy all day any more.

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