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Monday, September 04, 2006

lazy day

Labor day was another great day in a long weekend. Spent the morning doing a photo page for the family albums and working on projects. Edged another needle case for the fall weaver's sale with a quicker technique and finished the one that was taking forever. One will be priced twice as high as the other. They are out of the same handwoven and I found only one perfect button that matches the fabric. Have to keep looking for the closure on the other one.
We spent another hour or so in the wading pool at my daughter's house. This time, B joined us and enjoyed himself. Grandson, too. He really got into kicking the water and it was fun to watch him wave his little fists around. We let the water out and the grass looked grateful for it.
A lot of rocking and shaking the baby to sleep after that. He really has the colic bad. He wakes out of a sound sleep with a look of pain on his face and passes huge, very noisy gas. I hate to think of him on a steady diet of Baby Tummies, but that appears to be his only relief.
I finally remembered to take the bug quilt over to his house today and when we left, the bonding had begun. He was asleep again, covered in the quilt - and all the little creepy, crawley things that are on the fabrics.

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my J had colic really bad also, from 2 months or so until 6 months. I remember somebody telling me it would last until 8 months (just to give me the outside chance of an idea) and when it was only 6 months, I was so relieved. Stuff we tried: the white noise of a vacuum cleaner, a small dark place, like a closet, taking turns so that the noise wouldn't drive just the mom stark raving mad. Not pleasant days, to be sure, I survived with pharmaceutical help -- which I recommend if it gets too bad for your J. really.

Posted by: Rachel | Wednesday, September 06, 2006

They are using Baby Tummies - which is Beano for babies. I guess it's pretty safe and he seems to get some relief. She has two very helpful guys who take turns jiggling him and walking him around. They have a battery operated bouncer and swing, too. And a big sister to amuse him. My J's doing pretty good under the circumstances.
More upbeat than I was with a baby who cried a lot.

Posted by: Diane | Wednesday, September 06, 2006

oh, so glad to hear it. M is old enough to BE of a help like that, wonderful. L was only 19 months older, so just a baby...it was tough.

Posted by: Rachel | Saturday, September 09, 2006