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Friday, September 08, 2006

badge of courage

While trying to find the lost 8x8 Child in a Chair, I happened to clean out a basket of materials, books and tools for a Card Weaving class I taught a long time ago. It's nice to have it altogether in one place but there was a band that I may use in the fabric round robin that is beginning in October and a bag with a doll in pieces, no body, gourd head and grey wool hair. I removed the needle from a hand (the doll's and mine, ouch) and put it in my lovely embellished needle case. Found a tool for attaching gripper snaps that might be useful elsewhere - put it with my sewing caddie in the drawer marked hooks and snaps. There was a bag of 2 inch square mirrors with all this card weaviing stuff. What project was that for? Can't imagine... but it goes on my desk in the pile of possibilities.
So the Child is still lost, but some useful and a few rather wonderful things have been found.
Sorting and labeling continue as worthy occupations when inspiration wanes. The bag of pieces of a doll? Tossed it in the trash. I don't plan on finishing it, there was nothing worth saving - except the knitted shawl, I'll go back and get that. It will be fulled in the washer to see if it becomes a salvageable item.
So I give myself 9 out of a possible 10 points for bravery while sorting this morning and a purple heart for the prick from the needle.

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