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Sunday, September 10, 2006

tore thru the to-do list

I did everything on my list this weekend!!! and had fun besides. Of course, eating wisely was not on this list.
The OTS Fabric Book round robin has begun. I have the images I want transfered to white satin and some of the elements are sewn on the main background. I have tons of stuff to embellish with and a good plan for the reverse side. I'm pleased with how it's coming out and I got the ultimate groan from my daughter on the pun of a name I chose. So I know I moving in the right direction. All will be revealed in a photo later.
We took the kids out to eat on Saturday and brought the granddaughter home to spend the night. She is reading every sign we drive past and every carton of food in the kitchen. Words are suddenly making sense to her. She spent some time watching her favorite shows on Noggin and alternating between doing things with me and with Grandpa. She likes making pancakes and eating them. medium_2006-09-10_012.jpg Exploring in my workspaces is also a constant delight. They put another coat on the turtle and we'll be doing the shell decoration sometime this week when I pick up another color of green.
My daughter helped me with marking the placement of the sleeves in my tank top. It's going to be great. I don't do tank tops at work and this fabric was just too great to pass up. I bought a second shirt and am turning that into the sleeves.
Took a bunch of new photos of the baby grandson and so I have family album pages to do tonight.
The gardening got done, the lawn mowed, some house cleaning accomplished. I even wove part of towel on the tire tracks warp. Stand back or you'll be eating my dust. I'm onna roll.


Oh my gosh! what a smart BIG girl M is -- and she's four right? not five yet? I'm impressed! and even more impressed that you got all done on your list. you're my hero.

Posted by: Rachel | Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Yes, she's a little more than 4 and a half. She says things out of the blue (like What's Buster) and then when we ask she points to the BlockBuster sign. Duh.
So she is not memorizing, she is looking at the letters and putting it all together. She plays a lot of games on her computer by Daddy's desk and they have to keep tabs on her cause she has tried downloading things they are not happy about and she knows to go into the Trash Bin and take things out.

Posted by: Diane | Tuesday, September 12, 2006