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Wednesday, September 13, 2006

working nights on Knights

Stayed up late last night working on the back of the fabric page for the Knights in White Satin theme. I am really inspired. The project last night was grueling. I was trying to cut out two figures digitally from an old photo and place them on top of the lyrics from the song. Using three different software packages to make it happen. Publisher for the text manipulation. PhotoStudio (I think is the name) for removing the background on the figures. And finally PaintShopProX to float the figures on top of the text. It would have been nice to do it all in one, but PSP has a lousy text ability or it is well hidden, and PhotoStudio has a real fast and easy selection tool as long as you follow all the rules. I had to do it two or three times to get it right. medium_2006-09-13_004_incomplete.jpg
Then I had to get it onto fabric. Did a water/inkjet transfer to satin. It was not perfect on the second one, but good enough. I just thought I could get a more perfect (if slightly more plastic feeling) one with an iron on but that stretched the fabric all out of shape (should I have let it cool first?) and so it is unusable although the image is perfect as it undulates and ripples around the edges. I will never be able to make that work. So the water/inkjet transfer is starting to look real good. I am out of iron-on stuff but I could try one more of the water transfer tonight just to be sure I've given it my best efforts.
Then I printed out appropriate images on cardstock to coptic stitch into the sign-in book. Not forgetting that this time around. Will post photos of my progress later tonight. Check back at 10 CST.
Later that night .... so the page front is top center, the fabric with the transfer is left, the sign-in pages (front and inside shown) on right. The fleur de lis will be on the cover eventually - cheap plastic tree ornaments that have great authentic appeal.

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