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Thursday, September 14, 2006

venus on mars

Okay, so how many of you caught that I put Venus on Mars when I meant to put her on Venus? Awright, then, I don't feel quite so dumb. My daughter came over tonight and I was proudly showing off things and she says, Venus is the blue green planet, Mars is the red planet. Well, I knew that. I just liked the color thing I had going.
So now I'm gonna find some little collage thing to paste over the "on Venus" and just mail the durn things out anyway. She suggested I just cross it out in Sharpie. Kinda like they changed the planetary status of Pluto. Just cross that out of science books, kiddies.medium_2006-09-14_Diane_s_spread_side_one.jpg
I think she likes my Knights in White Satin. She thinks it's a cheezy pun, though. At least she's old enough to get it. A friend of hers didn't. His music doesn't go back that far. One of his favorite songs is "Yay, Toast." It's a funny little ditty about toast and I like the part, where he sings in French and then screams, French Toast!
Then she showed me her blue knitted cap with the kitten ears. Very cute. And told me about a TV show she watched on the Egyptian Book of the Dead. She is all spun up about this and wants to do a round robin. About spells, and afterlife and so on. I say, get online and tell everyone about it and see if you get ten people interested. She says, I really want to do a collaboration with you. Stunned silence for a beat or two. I say, sure but not that idea. That's your excitement, not mine. You do an altered book about it. Maybe we could do something else. So she says, well come up with one - you have tons of ideas. I say, yes, but unless I write them down, they float away. She drives away laughing. With no break lights.

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This page is So cool, as is the one of you and B. I missed the mars/venus mix up -- and I like J's idea. You do great work -- glad to see that J realizes it, but you're right, you have to be jazzed about it to make it fun and make it work. keep a pencil handy....

Posted by: Rachel | Friday, September 15, 2006