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Saturday, September 16, 2006

baby sitting

I am using a Dora the Explorer mouse today - on M's little computer - over at the kids' house, watching the grandson sleep while they are out learning to play soccer.
I brought some pencils and a journal so I may get to do some drawing. But as soon as I get interested in something, he stirs and gets cranky. Now the phone rings so they are on the way home. Just as well, I cleaned up my worktable, cleared it up and lined up the things I need to work on this weekend and I'm not there working! Still haven't found my Child in a Chair.
But I did win the monthly challenge for August with the same child's photo on a 4x4 square. So another box of stuff will arrive at my door next week. OMG, more stuff.
I just gave away some yarn! Nancy needed some 5/2 in a light color to go with her dark for the double weave workshop. I can't take it next weekend - you know I am way too far behind on projects and my looms are both warped - so I told her to just weave me a sample in exchange for whatever she used.
She dropped by before we had gotten away so I gave her a quick tour of the garden in my bathrobe. The yarn was in a bag outside, I was about to hop in the shower. We're supposed to make baskets and swim in her pool on Sunday but it looks like rain this weekend.