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Sunday, September 17, 2006

underwater basket weaving

Study group at Nancy's today. It's a tradition. Since Nancy moved into the current house, she hosts a pool party for basket making. She's a busy lady; we had a hard time finding a weekend in her schedule this year. Some years ago, we all got together the month before and dyed the reed as a project. It was easy but a huge project since we died everything that didn't move. There must have been eight tubs going and as I remember it was one of the hottest days on record for that July. Muggy.medium_Basket_reed_dyeing_2.jpg
But we are running out of our colored reed stock, so Amber to the rescue. She worked on this years supply all by herself. She said, no problem! We took her up on it. She made several runs to collect materials and used a baby pool to soak them and tubs from the dollar store for the dye baths.medium_2006-09-16_001.jpg
After lunch, show and tell, the birthday round, and Peg's closet cleanout, we finally hit the pool. The clouds had cleared away and some of us actually made baskets. Real baskets, mostly. I however finished what will forever be called the showshoe. I started it round, but it morphed into an oval. It's random weave and I'm glad it's done. Took J home and played with the grandkids for a while and then home to lay the wet reed out to dry. The new green was so pretty I started thinking of a basket to make. I cut some spokes and began to weave the base. Can you believe I started another project? And came home with more reed than I took to the party?
Not part of the grand plan.

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