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Wednesday, October 04, 2006

late night visit

Little guy came over tonight with his mom. J's working on little pin cushions for the show and sale. She was going to weave some bands by needleweaving and it was taking forever. I knew it would - that's why I have two 8 shaft floor looms. Speed. But she had been emailing me for ideas and we were going back and forth. I told her to come over and raid my handwoven stash. Checked with the guild gurus and they approve her using *my* handwoven to make pincushions. We're both members, so it becomes a collaborative effort not a commercial one. Anyway, she's asking how we are going to split the profit. She's not charging a heck of a lot for bottle-top pincushions so to split it would be silly. Besides, it's not like I'm using this stuff. She took only a smidgen of what I have, granted, a couple are really good scraps - but I wouldn't want her using the ugly stuff anyway. She had thought of using my scraps but didn't want to ask, was pleased when I told her to take all she wanted. I'm into sharing these days. She's also making some for holiday gifts for relatives and study group exchanges. She gets very ambitious.
Gee, I wonder where she gets that tendency?
So as I was saying, little guy came over and he played with Grandpa for a half hour while we dug in the fabric boxes and then cooed a bit for me and then because his mom was sitting nearby, he remembered that maybe a little late night snack was in order. Pitched a fit. Then more burping and diaper changing and we're back to smiles and giggles. We watched Project Runway and then they headed home. His daddy is still out of town. M stayed home with the roommate because she would want to spend the night like it was a weekend. Next Saturday is her first soccer game and I will be missing it while I'm out on a weekend work party. We making secret stuff for the big weaving conference next spring.
Today was a good mail day. I got a decorated note from a silly friend and the first delivery of the fabric book round robin. A blue book with sort of a tea for two theme. As J and I were pulling out stuff for the pincushions, I was also creating a pile of blue stuff to use and I'm pretty happy with what I've pulled together. It will be fun to do these - I have so much to chose from here in my closets! J is going to make a tiny blue beaded tea pot for me to put on the page!
I also got a long email from a friend in South America. Not as full of good news as usual, but life isn't only good news. Sometimes it's just life. She talked about an armed robbery of the weaving coop she works with and I was reminded that just last week, there was one in our office parking lot in broad daylight. Certainly not as big a disaster as the one she was describing but scarier in its proximity.