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Sunday, October 08, 2006

other people's agenda

I was gonna garden all morning. Perfect day for it.
My husband starts rearranging the garage. Which only means he needs more room and my stuff has to get stacked up in the corner out of reach. Extra car seat all the way in back.
In the process he brought out three cardboard boxes which had huge water/bug/rat damage. I hate garages. They are only good for parking cars. And we never do that. Some of what was in the box was absolute mystery to me. A box obviously from his mother with baby shoes, jewelry, books. Almost completely unsalvageable. I put one shoe in the freezer to see if I can kill all the bugs and then clean it up. Washed two pieces of jewelry. The rest was just crumbles and excrement. Another box (which I had packed btw) contained crocheted bedspreads, doilies, embroidered table runners, napkins, towels, a net tablecloth, some cutwork. All in as good a condition as when I put them inside a plastic bag in the box. I have been searching for this box for some time, kept thinking it was maybe way in the back under the stairs in the house. I'm washing things up now. The heavy crocheted bedspread is going to be a problem. It weighs a ton dry. When wet, I won't be able to manage it and so I am going to have to soak it and spin it out in the washer and hope I can get it out again in one piece. Washing it in the tub on top of a sheet for support is just not an option. I'll check it first for any weak spots, but it looks in good shape and has not been washed in 50 years, I'm sure.
I cut off buttons from his old boy scout uniforms and the patches. Put the ribbon with all the patches sewn on it in the freezer. Washed one shirt with only minor damage. He's an Eagle, so was his dad and so are the two nephews.
Ernie is in the dryer now. Bert was not so lucky.
Two handknit sweaters from my daughter's childhood are completely ruined. Big nasty holes and rot all over, crawling with bugs.
Spoiled my mood.

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