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Monday, October 09, 2006

baby sitting

J needed a sitter. She had a coupon to spend at Michael's and needed concentrated effort to find something worthy of the savings. She has become a coupon clipper. Very proud of her relationship with the CVS and their bucks back program. Whatever it takes.
So we had M and H over for an hour or so. He was good as gold for half the time and frantic for the rest. When he's hungry, he's cranky. As a worried grandma, I also think he may have some tiny problem that gives him pain when he's in the wrong position. But his mom is going to bring it up at his next checkup.
B went to pick up dinner for us so we wouldn't have to endure his crying in the restaurant. Of course, he ate just before we did and that made it a little easier. He sure eats often.
Through all this, M is happily amusing herself with a first grade level workbook and reading the instructions to herself and doing page after page. [edited: It's not really first grade now that I look at it. But still she's reading it by herself.] She played in her first soccer game yesterday and that was the big news. I didn't get to go so J described it all to me with hand motions and excited facial expressions which sent H into great cooing fits. He just loves his mommy.
M evidently enjoyed the runing back and forth and actually blocked a goal by the other team. But she really wanted to be a Pirate cause they wear red shirts and do-rags on their heads. Aaarggh. Her team is the Crickets and they wear green.
J brought over the little pincushions she is making from my handwoven and they are really very cute. I shoulda took a picture.

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Wow, reading and doing first grade books already! that's great! YUCH over the garage/bug/destruction story...shuddering.

Posted by: Rachel | Monday, October 09, 2006