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Tuesday, October 10, 2006

blog's out the bag

So now my husband knows I have a blog. He read the blurb about me in Bad Influence. I can understand how Dub loses it over leakage from the cabinet. Just a little bragging here. The odd comment there. Pretty soon everybody knows all your little secrets. And then you have to be careful what you type. It's a good thing my mom doesn't have a computer.
I wove some of the towel fabric from the On The Road Again warp. It's getting down to the end. I could probably polish it off tonight if I quit typing now. Or I could finish the O's. Or pay bills. Or sort out one pile of stuff. Or iron some more of the embroidered doilies I rescued this weekend.
Things are getting done on a number of fronts. Someone pointed out that the floor of my office is visible again and the desktop is almost clear. Must be time to work on one of my backburner projects, like unending filing, or data entry.
There was a gully washer at the office this afternoon. Lasted about an hour. When I got home, we'd had some rain here, too. That isn't always true when you live this far from work. Looks like another two weeks of wet weather coming but at least the temperature will be dropping some too.
Hmm, if I'm giving the weather report here, I must be trying to avoid doing some projects. Time to weave.