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Saturday, October 14, 2006

full schedule

Shopping for folding lawn chairs in the fall is like looking for a Santa in July. The summer leftovers are piled out back by the wading pools full of mosquito larvae. But it's soccer season and the ones I have are too heavy to carry and their pointy feet sink deep into the mud. We're taking a picnic so it will probably rain again.
Bought three big pumpkins and a bag of small ones for photo props. Some storage tubs for more garage cleanining.
I bought new curtains and a cheap quilt for the upstairs. I am going to paint the wall to match the curtains - green, of course. The window is high and to one side on the wall and looks strange when draped with fabric that contrasts with the wall. I'm all about symmetry when it comes to one big window in a room. But I'm sure this one was placed so that the elevation view from the backyard (?) would be wonderful in the architectural drawings.
We're going ahead with some superficial house renovations. I had a meltdown the other night over the things that are wrong with this house. Naturally this is the wrong time of year to begin tearing the house apart. Replacing a door in the rainy season will require scheduling and rescheduling, I'm afraid. And anything new makes the old surroundings look even sadder.
Anyway, soccer game today, sleepover tonight, pumpkin photos tomorrow. Maybe a trip to get the paint and look at doors will be wedged in there somehow.
I'm waiting for the glue to dry on some fabric so I can apply the next color. Experimenting with glue batik.