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Wednesday, October 18, 2006


Dreamed this morning of being at a party with my husband. It was a going away party for him. He was sitting down, I was standing beside him. Everyone was smiling and happy. They seemed to be the people he works with - his friends. I was fighting back tears and leaned down to whisper that we had to go soon or I was going to dissolve into crying. When we left the house where the party was, I noticed the neighborhood had few trees and there was a carport which is more common in Arizona than in Texas. There was only one car and his old truck parked there even though we had just left a house full of people. We left together. I was crying. I wonder where we were going and why.
It took me a while to remember this much of it. One of those early morning just before you wake up dreams. I classify this as a nightmare because I had to ride in his filthy old truck.

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