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Saturday, October 21, 2006


Almost ready to mail this out to Rachel, I think it's done on this side. A page for Carol's theme of Architecture.

Made a lovely discovery. I have some water soluble oil pastels that are fun to use but not too permanent given they disolve in water so I haven't used them much. I have some extra fine clear embossing powder that I haven't used much cause I haven't gotten much bang out of it. Till now. Put the two together and voila, I may actually use both of these items up some day.
Scribbled on the pastels, applied a layer of the white dust and heated it. Melts it and turns the white dust to clear shine. The pastels are now permanent. The white worked pretty well about not obscuring the http://soonerorlater.blogspirit.com/
View weblog: sooner or latermagazine image and I used a pastel yellow orange for the bricks. The other colors are pretty dark so wouldn't work over an image; but on their own, they're dynamite.

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