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Thursday, November 02, 2006

red carpet treatment

IQF in Houston is a pretty dazzling place. I went alone for preview night. At first I felt lonely - everyone there came with their three best friends in the whole world. I had no one to chat with, to laugh with, to catch up with. Then the doors opened. I headed first toward the exhibitions. No one to consult with on a course to follow. I cruised the aisles taking pictures of those I liked in areas where it was allowed. No one to pull me away saying, come see this one, wow, look at that. I headed for the booths of vendors and cruised many wonderful booths, buying something here, some little thing there. No one saying you need this, this is perfect for you, wouldn't this be great to have. I picked out a postcard. Found Make-it U. All by myself, alone.
It's nice to go with friends. I'll do that on Saturday. But it was an extragant pleasure to have three hours on my own as a reconnaissance mission. I went home absolutely exhausted.

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