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Friday, November 10, 2006

opening night

I want a promotion to Sacker. I was Cashier all night for the weaver's sale and the only thing I got to see was little white price tags and credit cards. The Sackers remove the tags and wrap the goods - petting each piece and ooohing and ahhhing over them. Very distracting as I am poking away at the calculator.
I wrote up the most sales for the evening - had several big buyers. Traffic was light though, not sure what that is about. One of the members who usually has a huge inventory and sells a lot had health problems lately and not able to finish anything to enter. On the other hand, there were a lot of new members putting things in the sale. I wrote up a few tickets with my stuff and some with my daughter's, but there were three other cashiers, so maybe we did all right for the first night. We didn't seem to have a big rush, just steady sales all night.

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I always like to check out with you. So where were you today when I checked out? It's heck to be so popular!

Posted by: Lu | Friday, November 10, 2006