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Sunday, November 12, 2006

empty shelves

I have too many books. Too many empty blank books. Too many photo albums. Too many cookbooks. Too many everythings. Trashing stuff right and left. Found a book I've had for years, never used and just bought another copy of last month. I had to buy more plastic tubs to pack stuff up but now the shelves are finally empty and moved. The yuk behind them vacuumed up. Hub wants to fill cracks and repaint... as long as the room is clear.... Never mind that I have to put the room back in order in three weeks for a study group holiday party. Complete with tree and festive decorations. Not feeling very festive right now. When/if we ever get the room back together, the tubs will be recycled to finish sorting out the junk in the garage and salvaging some of that stuff. It's just never ending.
Going to eat a little cheese now that I've had some whine.

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We call that "road stuff". The things your children will put out at the road when you die! One good thing about getting older is that you get a little more realistic about what you will and won't complete in your lifetime.

Posted by: Lu | Monday, November 13, 2006