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Saturday, December 02, 2006

no ho ho ho

We tried, we really tried. Just can't get in the mood to buy stuff. Most everyone in our extended families are doing well in life and have what they need and most of what they want. Their homes are beautiful and full of stuff. I bought one clothing gift for someone. You can always buy clothes for those who are outgrowing theirs daily. We got an idea for MIL, and have a store in mind to go for it, just not today. A consumable item she will like.
Then we listened to performances in the mall. A fun group of singers doing creative renditions old favorites with lots of choreography. The best dancing was done by the toddlers in the audience who were captivated by the performance. Then we bought CDs of Peruvian pan pipe music performed in another corner of the mall by a couple of gentlemen who played their traditional music and instruments with great emotion. They also do a lot of modern American melodies. We picked out one CD of each type. Shopping for gifts for ourselves!
We talked about just doing gift cards for restaurants for everyone. We all like to eat out once in a while. It's a nice gesture. And I decided to make it more special by putting the cards into something small that is handmade. Makes me feel better about the gift card idea which is not very personal.

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