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Friday, December 15, 2006

checking 'em off

We're still slogging away at the gift list. And I just realized it's getting quite late to be still wondering what we are giving some people. Brought home huge boxes last night. Impulse purchases. We nixed a couple of ideas for the grandkids based on avoiding hassles for the parents.
You know the ones: drum sets and sand boxes. No one can stand hearing a kid learn to play the drums and sand thrown in your face hurts and shaking a kid down every time they come indoors is just a nightmare. There are some things you just have to let the parents decide on for themselves.

Sewing up some more little handwoven bags like these. These will hold gift cards.
While we were shopping together last night, I bought a book on 007 that will be a door prize donation to the weaving conference in the spring. I shoulda bought it for B and stolen it back after he read it. It's really kind of a nice coffee table book for Bond fans. Should I get buy him another one? No, too gauche, too late.

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