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Sunday, December 24, 2006

neither rain nor ....

Unless you are a 007 fan or an adventure movie fan, you probably can pass on the remake. It's okay. Beginning was pretty thrilling, but of course, it gets really grisly towards the end and seems to drag on forever. Isn't that the name of another Bond movie... oh, no, I guess it was Diamonds are Forever. I did get an idea for a card woven band from the opening credits.
Then we went to the bookstore to get one last gift certificate to put in a woven bag. And I picked out a journal filler I can use and just make a custom cover for it. It will fit in my purse easier than the last one. I think I will go back to using my calendar to keep track of my resolutions. Looking back at other year calendars, I seem to have done better when I consistently recorded what I ate. The 2006 calendar is interesting with collages and sketches but not really what I need right now. I'll keep a separate sketch book with art supplies in the car.
After lunch, the movie and shopping, I decided to make the egg nog for tomorrow. Making a single batch since I only had a quart of milk, I was stirring along doing the cooked version so we would avoid salmonella poisoning... and poured the evaporated milk in all at once and noticed it had a wierd color to it and then checked the bottom of the now empty can, saw it was two (2) years out of date. Yuck. No wonder. Down the drain. Out in the rain to the store to buy enough to make two batches, now, as long as I am doing this. So now it is chilling in the frig. We are taking a lot of groceries to J's house tomorrow!

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