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Saturday, January 13, 2007

dinner on him

B grilled meat for the first time in his life tonight. (Vegans should just move on down their bloglines.) He has a new opening line now. "How do you get juicy steaks?" I don't think he will be able to use it to pick up chicks but he has found out some really useful stuff. He bought some dry rub (first ingredient is sugar - not exactly a South Beach choice) and some nice rib-eye steaks. He wants to work his way up to using cheaper cuts but keeping the tenderness and juiciness. He did pretty good. He has watched enough Alton Brown to make him dangerously overinformed. The steak was done just the way he and I like them and not too much charcoal on the fatty parts. The chicken was a tad dry but only on the thinner ends. He even warmed the sausage without completely burning the skin off.
And he cleaned up the kitchen afterward. I just set the table and poured the wine. The potatoes were creamy and the salad was crisp. He says he likes my favorite honey mustard dressing but it needs mayo. Bleeck.
M's birthday party at the cooking school was very cute.
Reminded me of all the times I handled birthdays at the craft store - only the kids played with clay then not food. Today we made pizza and brownies. A little culinary education along with some good fun.

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