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Thursday, February 08, 2007

just charmin'

Everybody is doing little one inch squares with one eyelet in the corner. Just because I'm kind of a circle girl, I was thinking this might be adapted a bit. So I'm working on it.
I have a one and one quarter inch punch - the one inch seemed too small for my plan. These punches are from a magazine ad photo with a lot of sky and clouds. I also cut out some wonderful faces from a sepia colored ad. The sky circles are glued on card stock for now. The reason they are in the middle of the card stock is because I simply emptied my brush and the palette after painting with some pink acrylic and that's all the pink area there is on the other side. When it's dry and flat, I'll cut these out or punch them again if the punch holds up to that. Then I'll put on the eyelets and other doodahs.