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Saturday, February 10, 2007


H is learning to crawl. We had to take off his overalls so he could get traction. He only goes a few inches then flumps down and drags his behind along with his arms. He finds rolling from place to place more efficient.

Last night we did the pre-celebration birthday dinner for my SIL. The Grill King was in charge of the steaks. I took over all the other prep. New flavor of rub this time and he didn't like it cause it didn't grab you by the tonsils and scream: This steak was rubbed out! I liked it. The steaks were more rare this time than last time and his was more tender than the piece I picked out. The over baked sweet potatoes with a touch of brown sugar were good enough to write home about.

We will celebrate again by going out to dinner next weekend when my granddaughter can be with us (she stayed with her other GM this weekend and went to an Elmo show), but my SIL needed to open his present to get to work to day on the concrete stones for their garden gazebo. He got a professional selection of trowels and such. Woohoo. Tools with a pretty bow. I suggested he pick up some knee pads and acid proof gloves, too, when he gets the Quikcrete this morning. Safety and comfort first when you're planning on such backbreaking work.

This morning I am contemplating the yarn for the napkin exchange. J is doing this project too, so we have to coordinate use of the warping board and the loom. I think I am going to go out on a limb and use all of the colors of 10/2 cotton that I have - that she isn't already using. I just have to find the sample of Gwen's twill blanket to remember all the interesting threadings she did. It won't be exactly the same, but it will have the same feeling in a finer scale. The colors are mostly the same value and all jewel tones so it won't be a very wild stripe, just full of variety. Anyway, that is the image in my mind's eye. Should I sample this image?

Tomorrow is the study group meeting where we'll be working on the beading project. I have my tubes of bead soup ready to go along with a variety of threads and stuff.

Oh, and I also have to come up with a smart potluck dish. Probably cheese and crackers with cucumbers. I went for a walk this morning so I don't want to undo all that hard labor with an outta control lunch tomorrow. Please nobody bring desserts, please, please, please?


We already had the quikcrete. 2 tons of it. My poor garage was bursting at the seams. No room for the torch.

He got the gloves, I'm not sure about the pads. They have been working for about 2 hours, and I think they are done with the gazebo part. The quikcrete is not lying, about 20 minutes or so to set up, so he works on another set of blocks while one is setting up.

Posted by: J | Saturday, February 10, 2007