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Tuesday, February 13, 2007


I haven't been lazy, just knitting a bit. And I working out "ze stitch" that will be good for hinging my 4x4 cards into an accordion book. Check back in a day or two, I'll show how it's done.

I'm running behind on everything. Round robin projects are arriving daily....

The grill king has invited the kids over for another dinner party on Friday. (When do I get taken out to eat and waited on like royalty again? Oh, yeah, never, we usually eat at a buffet or someplace where you stand in line to order and then go pick up a tray when the vibrator goes off in your pocket.) Then Saturday night another birthday celebration and probably a short person will be invited to sleep over. A huge open house to attend on Sunday afternoon - unless it sleets and freezes as predicted. It's such a large crowd that usually most of us are outside in the gardens all afternoon, but this weekend is a bit iffy for a garden party.

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