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Saturday, February 17, 2007

need a nap

The net connection has been dicey here lately. I am running now using an unprotected wireless connection - I think it used to be protected. I might have changed a few settings while trying to get it back up. Hmm, there may be some drive-by postings on our account....

It's been a tiring week. I'm needing a nap but it's too late in the day. The grill king is getting spun up for the evening meal. He will be wanting me to tell him how to do sweet potatoes. Anyway, been running around in circles lately.

The weavers' meeting was this week and once we got past the usual lights on now/lights off now/oops, lights back on now, thank you! business, we actually got to do a little needle felting. Never mind that there was a meandering attempt at summoning our creative inner being, a real lack of verbal instructions, very few inspiring examples and some unrelated slides, I actually worked on the little felted yarngoddess this morning and she's beginning to show some signs of life. I think a few beads and she'll be ready for prime time. More people might have stuck it out had they known it was a make it and take it evening.

Worked on some ATCs for a swap. February's theme was romance using a black and white color scheme. Those are done and ready to be mailed. I got our Valentine swaps on Valentine's Day. Very nice bags of goodies. J will get hers today.

I have an idea for the Birds round robin that I have to work on this week, but I'm going to have to practice and sample a lot first. I want to finish the blanket that is on the big loom and begin winding the napking exchange warp that has to go on next. I have been working on a collage book in a black photo album that I've been "saving" for a long time. I am going to use up all those interesting trashy little bits I have been saving and bringing home. I need to use it or toss it. The house needs cleaning. I need a nap just thinking about it.