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Sunday, February 18, 2007


The weather this afternoon was perfect. Evening was clear and crisp. We sat in the new cabin that Carl and Claudia built since their last open house. Wow, what a nice screened porch! Hub and I talked about vacations again. I haven't got my passport yet so we can't make definite cruise plans yet and now he's leaning toward a drive to Santa Fe - only if that involves one night in a cabin in the mountains and a rental car.
So I'm emptying a box of papers I've saved and sorting them by color and realizing I will never use them up. Ever. It's stuff I've saved from mail, magazines, junk. Would have been thrown away anyway. It is all over the floor now. I am going to quit sorting it by color and sort it by if I want to use it NOW or not. The *not* will be in the trash on Tuesday.
I finally got a nap this afternoon.