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Thursday, March 01, 2007

felt the need to felt

It's been a rollercoaster lately. I keep throwing my arms up in the air but it's more a sign of surrender than exurberance. Good things happening and not so good things. I've agreed to do something I really want to do and I have to think about what that means I'll need to give up. Can't be the cleaning and window washing - I gave that up already except for state visits from my mom or internationally known celebrities. I may have to quit reading a forum that only has occasional nuggets of information. I just don't know how to find those nuggets without reading every post carefully. There are links that I'm gonna miss out on, blogs I'll never hear about, arguments I'll never get to weigh in on, you know what I mean. Gad, why can't we just get this info intravenously?

Last night I was in a throw-up-my-hands mood and just sat through the latest Dresden marathon that my husband was watching while I felted some things that have to be finished for the April regional weavers conference. They didn't look quite right so I rinsed them and tossed them (literally) into the dryer with a towel and hoped for the best. They came out dry and hairy and sorta the right shape ... and then I found one of my favorite handmade pins in the bottom of the dryer missing quite a few of its once lovely parts. I just hate when that happens. I usually wear necklaces and so when I wear pins and get undressed after work, I just toss things into the laundry without thinking about pins. I have discovered which of my favorite pins are laundry proof and which can be repaired by this toss-it-and-forget-it routine. This pin is gonna need major reconstructive surgery.