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Saturday, March 10, 2007

long after Saturday's gone

Made my list for today and it looks like Saturday will be a blur of activity. The photo to post for today would be a cloud of dust in my wake. If I get one tenth of the stuff on the list done and still enjoy the weekend it will be counted as a success. Meeting tomorrow afternoon - a social high point. Granddaughter will spend the night unless she's done something really bad already to rule that out. She's always good for at least one memorable quote of the day. Trouble is, my memory doesn't even hold onto these jewels until I can get upstairs to turn on the computer.

Last night in search of the ultimate Indian cuisine, we came up empty. A couple of our favorites had closed and most don't offer a buffet at night. I really like to try a bit of everything... the flavor variety is so wonderful. So we wound up at the Thai Pepper. The Pad Thai noodles there are delicious. Today the grill king will be in charge. I asked him to clean off most of the salty rub from one of the steaks for me. I'm trying to keep from swelling up like a balloon every weekend. Someone send me an email to remind me to take a water pill later, just in case.

I also have to check my entry forms and see how high that will run up my blood pressure. If I have only a week left, then add 10 points; if I've missed the paperwork deadline completely, add 30 points while I compose my email saying the postman ate my entry form, can I send in another. (Update: chairperson is holding up nicely, allowed me to send in my form which is dreadfully late as long as I fill out the form correctly and remember to include the check.)

Life at work is chaotic. I have run out of fingers to count off the crisis. Everyone is experiencing family emergencies in the midst of all these deadlines and so we're running short staffed and those who can show up are distracted with worry about non-work problems. It's a mess there. Late yesterday, a couple of us were proofing stuff neither of us is really familiar with... and it took both of us and a lot of notes and flipping back and forth in books to be sure we covered all the basics. We were both quietly hysterical at the fact that it took our two brains ten times as long to do this task. But it had to be done - and we were the warm bodies available.

Go plant something now. It's spring today here in Humidity, Texas. And that's what (hum along now) we will remember long after Saturday's gone.