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Tuesday, March 20, 2007

don't read this

Left work early with ... um ... stomach upset. I don't even like to see commercials for Pepto Bismol anymore - they've gotten too graphic for me. I cut my teeth on the stuff. Was always carsick and we seem to go on trips every weekend when I was a kid. Thank goodness, they sell it as tablets now.
Anyway... I had some broth with rice tonight and I'm better, thank you. Spent some time this afternoon doing some beading. Haven't done that in a long time.

Talked to ML about joining an altered book round robin. She said she'd send me an invite. I must be crazy, right? But I have the perfect book with a great binding just waiting to be ruined. How to Win Friends and Influence People. The cover brags that there are fifteen million in print. So to paint and tear this one would be no great loss. I can't remember buying it! Maybe somebody gave it to me as a broad hint.

I also took a theraputic hour to do a little gardening. Have to get my hands back in the dirt a bit at a time. Planted the pink leaved thingies out in front by the mondo grass. Looks good. And I tossed out some more ferns. The bulbs I was trying to save when I sacrificed the toad were still laying on the grass where I dropped them on Sunday. Planted them today. Now we'll see just how hardy amaryllis really are. Still thinking about the murder of Mr. Toad. She did in the garden with a pitchfork. Move back three spaces and roll the dice again.