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Thursday, March 22, 2007


It's going to hurt tomorrow but tonight I feel pretty good. A nice workout in the pool. She really keeps up a fast pace for 45 minutes. I've squeezed muscles I didn't know I had. My goal is not to cause a draft when I make tiny circles while my arms are out straight at shoulder level.

These are the azaleas in the back beside the garage. I can see them from the windows in the back of the house. The previous owner had put all these lovely azaleas up under the bathroom window in the back. Hidden from the street and from any window in the house. I moved them years ago when we first had foundation work done. The only one to die was one I left in its original location. They are gorgeous and deserve to be the focal point of any yard. Every year when they bloom I wish I had put one up front instead of the white ones which look dirty brown two days after they open.

There will be peace and calm soon. I can feel it. I will get caught up with filing. I may even file our tax return in the next couple of weeks.