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Sunday, March 25, 2007

another fine day

Spring is still with us. Cloudy today with a broken promise of rain. So I watered the front lawn. The pink thingies are doing well. In the garden by the fence, I planted some new stuff and pulled some old stuff out of pots and gave it all some new top soil. The bed seems to have turned into a clay dump since I last worked on it. The hydrangea is showing signs of life. It sits in a low spot and has plenty of water all the time. Let's hope for blossoms this year. If things perk up overnight, I might post a photo of this tiny bit of progress or not. The best news is that the parsley hasn't bloomed yet and so I may be able to freeze some after all. I live in hope that tomorrow will have more than just the usual 24 hours in it so that I can get some of these pesky things done that stay on my to-do list forever.
Lunch today was a visit to a Indian buffet. Not our favorite but one near the SuperTarget so we could combine lunch and get the weekly shopping done. I forgot something. I remembered what it was when I was unloading the bags and now I've forgotten it again. Must find to-do list.
Granddaughter read one of the books I just got from a friend who scouts the garage sales for everyone she knows. She read a Frog and Toad book. It had enough pictures and enough text to keep her interested. She reads with great voice inflections and she has a tiny lisp, possibly because of the missing teeth. Very cute to see her totally absorbed in reading out loud for her own enjoyment.
Tomorrow is mail day for the latest thing I signed up for. An altered book round robin. Friendship is my theme. I am using How to Win Friends and Influence People. It brags that there are 15 million in print so ripping pages out and painting over the rest will probably not cause anyone to write hateful comments about being a despoiler of books.
And tomorrow is water aerobics. Exercise is good for me. Penn and Teller are just wrong sometimes.