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Saturday, March 31, 2007

no gardening today

The rain came down so hard before dawn that my husband got up and moved his little truck from its usual parking place on the street (where it always floods) up into the driveway behind my car.

I won't be gardening today. Way too much rain. The radio had a weather alert going when it came on at its usual time. I loaded things into the closet and sat in there for a few minutes sewing while I waited for the storm to pass. Wasn't really a tornado warning, just a really noisy storm.

Another thing that won't be happening today is the grill king won't be cooking. When it's raining, it usually falls on my me (literally) to grill. Family joke: if it's raining on the weekend, I must have planned to grill meat for dinner. But actually, today we are invited to a pilaf dinner at my daughter's home. So no one will be drenched in pursuit of the perfect steak.

I have made progress on the little sundress for my granddaughter. The bodice is assembled and lined. The next step is a fitting tonight to be sure it will be okay. If she doesn't like it, I've only lost three years of dreaming about it and about three hours of sewing time.

I think it's a bit big around, but that won't bother me or her mom any. We're not into putting small children into costumes that are more suited to street walkers than cute little kids. I'm hoping to use some of my hot pink handwoven fabric for some accessories to go with the dress. Just have to pace myself...and work carefully. My worst mistakes are made in the haste of the moment.

Since the weather seems to portend a long day inside, I hope to get some cleaning done, too. But there are also the taxes that should be taken care of. Yuk.


The dress wil be so pretty. I bet she'll like it. Wish y'all would send some of that rain our way. We're dry as toast here.

Posted by: Susan Cleveland | Saturday, March 31, 2007