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Saturday, March 31, 2007



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no gardening today

The rain came down so hard before dawn that my husband got up and moved his little truck from its usual parking place on the street (where it always floods) up into the driveway behind my car.

I won't be gardening today. Way too much rain. The radio had a weather alert going when it came on at its usual time. I loaded things into the closet and sat in there for a few minutes sewing while I waited for the storm to pass. Wasn't really a tornado warning, just a really noisy storm.

Another thing that won't be happening today is the grill king won't be cooking. When it's raining, it usually falls on my me (literally) to grill. Family joke: if it's raining on the weekend, I must have planned to grill meat for dinner. But actually, today we are invited to a pilaf dinner at my daughter's home. So no one will be drenched in pursuit of the perfect steak.

I have made progress on the little sundress for my granddaughter. The bodice is assembled and lined. The next step is a fitting tonight to be sure it will be okay. If she doesn't like it, I've only lost three years of dreaming about it and about three hours of sewing time.

I think it's a bit big around, but that won't bother me or her mom any. We're not into putting small children into costumes that are more suited to street walkers than cute little kids. I'm hoping to use some of my hot pink handwoven fabric for some accessories to go with the dress. Just have to pace myself...and work carefully. My worst mistakes are made in the haste of the moment.

Since the weather seems to portend a long day inside, I hope to get some cleaning done, too. But there are also the taxes that should be taken care of. Yuk.

Friday, March 30, 2007

not on the list

This is a really old new project. I have had the fabric for more than three years, I'm sure. Decided this was the time to go ahead as the granddaughter is growing too fast and pretty soon I wouldn't have enough fabric for more than a tank top. I enjoy sewing. I used to make ALL my own clothes. I have a degree in Home Ec for goodness sakes. I'm always inspired by Anita who seems to knock out garments overnight for her granddaughter.

This is coming along nicely. I cut it out using the pattern as a rough guide adjusting it to suit my needs. Not buttons on the shoulder but a zipper down the back. Omit sleeves and line bodice instead of the bias on the neckline. Cut all the small pieces to save fabric to allow for maximum twirl effect in the skirt.

Only ripped out one seam so far. Tomorrow a little fitting session. If the princess doesn't like it, I can ditch it now and I've only wasted three years thinking about it and only about three hours sewing time.

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not the frog prince of happiness

My husband brought this frog home. Jointed with string and sitting in a ice cream parlour chair. Sour face as though someone just took away his ice cream sundae with the fly on top.

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Wednesday, March 28, 2007

shoe dropped

Yesterday, the other shoe dropped at work and so it was hurry up and then deliver this. I was elected. Everyone else took one step back, I guess. Ha! no, really the destination was near my daughter's house so I volunteered and then, oh, by the way, "I won't be coming back today," took the rest of the afternoon and played. Went to dinner with the kids at Chili's and took half of an enormous chicken mesquite salad home to my husband who enjoyed it and said it was just enough!

J was busy with beading when I arrived and H was happy in his chair at the table eating baby cookies. A momentary calm surface in an otherwise typically chaotic household with two children. We sat in the gazebo for a moment and enjoyed the breeze in her garden. It's still sorta spring here for another couple of days, I think. But the mugginess is beginning. Her plants are all doing very well.

I took some sugar snap pea seeds to a co-worker since I've been sharing my bounty from the garden. "One for you and one for you, two for me." It's just a tease but I only collect four or five a day and the leaf fungus is starting... part of the mugginess setting in, I guess, so the plants are doomed. I will pull them out and put black plastic down for a couple of weeks and start again. I have my basil seeds ready to spread for the second crop.

I've been searching through my notebooks on my weaving projects lately. I'm looking for notes to put on the entry for the conference and I am realizing how much I am NOT weaving lately. Depressing. I want to. I need to. I have a swatch swap due in August and I came up with a plan on the long drive to work. Have to make notes. Now. Double weave, painted warp in the center of each sample about 3 inches wide, black border all around each painted center. If I have enough warp ... I could use them as ATCs (3.5 x 2.5) or Postcards (4 x 6) - the size is adaptable depending on how much I weave between the horizontal black borders.

My mind is weaving faster than my fingers.

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