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Monday, April 09, 2007


I'm tired now. Just got back from water aerobics. Talked to my mom for a bit this evening. Everything's fine. The grill king is back at work and says he feels fine and all stats are pretty much normal.
But I'm feeling ragged around the edges. Attended a funeral for a friend today. There was a sellout crowd but only three (including me) got up to say anything about her. The pastor talked about all the many facets of her personality and one of other two speakers said how she only knew a small part of what was said about her. That's true for all of the weavers who came - we none us of knew about many of the other interests she had. She played musical instruments and sang in several groups. Amazing - I never heard her sing. We knew her as a meticulous weaver. Her weavings sung to me, I guess you could say.
It just seems too soon for her to go. Someone will have to inventory her yarn and her looms. She probably has it all carefully stored. I doubt she had the indecent abundance I have shoved in my closets. She even wove up the sample skeins from a dye workshop she attended. Most everyone else just hung theirs on the wall to fade in the sunlight. She wore hers around her shoulders proudly. A shawl of many colors.
She sometimes overwhelmed people with her explanations of how things worked and I sort of remember her saying something like: I guess I should just shut up now. I talk too much. And then we'd all laugh. No, Marji, you didn't talk enough.

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