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Tuesday, April 10, 2007

day off

Spent the day hither and yon doing errands and appointments. Started off late because there must have been a power snafu overnight and we woke up to early morning daylight instead of NPR. It was a gorgeous day, windy and warm.

I got lots of little things done and still had time to stop for a visit and a game of Chutes and Ladders with my granddaughter. No one won. We just got tired of sliding down the chutes and starting over. She wanted to play "no rules" but I am thinking she needs to learn that when you play games with others (like in school) you need to play by the rules. I was gentle but firm and we both moaned whenever either of us had to slide down a chute. But still, it is not a fun game when you keep going back and forth over the same stretch of gameboard. It should be called Quicksand.

While waiting for my turn at several establishments today, I knitted. No one apparently knits anymore except in my little circle of friends. Many stares and comments, all positive of course.

Wasted some money at Hobby Lobby. Needed some things and bought some things I don't really need, but just looked like they might come in handy sometime. Some black bias tape that you iron in place until it is stitched. I've always wanted to try this. Also some extra machine needles. You can never have too many expecially when you sew through paper a lot.

The space dyed yarn is sitting near the warping board. Good sign. I may actually start measuring out the warp for the swatch swap soon. But first I need a plan.