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Friday, April 13, 2007


The vote was overwhelming. Colored the rest of the birds. Thanks for your help. Sometimes I just have to fresh eyes to see the obvious.

Tonight we went to Steak and Ale and the grill king had prime rib roast. We almost ordered the steaks for comparison, but then he decided he knows how to do steaks so there was nothing to be gained. I should have had my usual rib-eye; the salmon was a bit dry though flavorful. Wished I had taken a photo of it, they serve it on a cedar plank.

Several things are perking on my back burners. I have a jar of pickles to make afterburners. More on that later. And I need a new bumper sticker. There is not enough reading material on my daily commute. Thankfully, we have few billboards and I know all the landmark business signs. I realized yesterday that there very few bumper stickers going by. Some window decals of questionable taste, of course. Must be that the plastic bumpers don't hold up to the weight of a label that size plus glue. I used to have a really cool bumper sticker that could make grown men wait in the parking lot to see who owned the car with that on the bumper. Lost it in a tragic fender bender. No one was hurt except the sticker and my pride.

This weekend I have to swap out some ATCs and mail them back to the players. And a meeting tomorrow morning which could have been fun since there's a pool where we're meeting, but the weather is going to suck so we won't be out there. Otherwise a quiet weekend. I'll probably clean house and the grill king will don his welding helmet and tongs to prepare lunch on Sunday.

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