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Thursday, April 19, 2007

last night

I stayed up last night to catch up and I'll be sorry today. But it's an easy day. The weavers' meeting is tonight. I turn in my entries for the conference and I'll get a little knitting done while I listen to the reports on what is planned. I am so looking forward to this one.

This was the big accomplishment for the evening however. I am making afterburners as Peg likes to call them. Sweetened pickles with a jalopeno kick. You start with a gallon jar of pickles. Throw out the juice. Slice 'em and then begin layering them back in the jar alternating with a sprinkling of sugar and slices of jalopenos. There was pickle juice everywhere. So a bit of mopping was necessary in the process. I used about two pounds of sugar and about 30 ounces of pickled jalapenos. They make their own new juice while they marinate for about two weeks. The sugar is almost dissolved this morning. You have to turn the jar every day. I had leakage this morning - glad I put it in a bowl. Some people use more sugar. For me, I always skimp on the sugar.

The garden around the other tree trunk is finally planted and yet another potted garden is done. I like to combine plants in big pots instead of just one in each. So this last one has a big bromeliad with pups on the side and some varigated lariope and some of the fiber optic sedge grass. I have a feeling that I'm going to live to regret planting that grass but then again it likes to live around ponds so maybe it will be okay to encourage it in my swampy back yard. It's not too tall so at least it won't dwarf the flowering things in the back.
Yesterday, another round of the altered book round robin arrived and it's a collection of cards from recycled food boxes. A lot of very 3-D elements and interesting vintage look. Not my usual style. Should I follow their lead? I have a few weeks to work that out.

This weekend the weather is predicted to be perfectly spring-like. We'll be trying to see the entire International Festival with two kids in tow. And then possibly a sleepover and another grilling event.

Whoa, it's messy in my two rooms upstairs. Looks like I've been burglarized. But actually I was trying to organize one thing and it always winds up being messier than ever with one tiny speck of improvement that only I would notice or appreciate.


Yum! Gotta make me some of those pickles.

Posted by: Susan Cleveland | Thursday, April 19, 2007