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Saturday, May 05, 2007


Gelatin is the base for creating a monoprint which is then pressed onto fabric or paper. The gelatin is about 3/8 to a half inch think and harder than a Jello Jiggler. The recipe is one part gelatin powder to four parts water. This was made on a glass sheet with clay as the damn around the edges. I am going to try it myself by pouring it into a Teflon coated baking sheet. The smooth bottom side is the printing side. Apply acrylic paint sparingly with a brush or foam brush to the gelatin and than press on texture tools to remove some of the paint. I drew on the gelatin with a wooden stick to remove some of the paint. You get a lot of detail in the print that you probably wouldn't get by applying the paint directly to the fabric. You can also paint on a textured object and then touch it to the gelatin for a positive imprint and then press the gelatin onto the fabric. The green in the photo is just some polarfleece I used to pad the surface for the printing.
I am so scattered right now, I put all this away for now as I can't think of a project that I want to start right now and I would be simply printing on things at random with no plan in mind. I just wanted to save this technique in my blog memory.

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