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Sunday, May 06, 2007

happy feet

The granddaughter spent the night Saturday. She made pancakes as usual, but her stirring skills have improved immensely. She wandered around in the garden, picking flowers and singing to herself while I pulled weeds.

Last night, Grandpa wanted to play a new video we'd picked up as a alternative to the same old one she likes to watch every time she comes over. So when he suggested putting it on, M kinda lost her cool and said, no, I only watch Happy Feet at my meemaw's house! Now this was really strange. I wonder if she refuses to eat pancakes at their house because she makes pancakes at our house. There is no accounting for the mind of a five year old. Anyway, we let it go but when I finished showering, she and Grandpa were watching Happy Feet this morning after all. I have no idea what was promised in return but at least we didn't have to watch Blue's Big Birthday for the hundredth time.

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