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Sunday, May 27, 2007

worn out

We were given an opportunity to babysit with the grandson last night and he was a joy. He is a mosquito's hair away from taking his first step. He can stand up very steadily now and walks around holding onto things, but when he's out in the middle of the room and he wants to get somewhere fast, he drops to his knees and flops on his tummy and then goes like sixty across the room.
He got a little tired after a couple of hours, we kept him busy by calling back away from the seriously interesting but not babyproof corners of the room. As long as you keep your eye on him every minute and tap a new toy on the coffee table, you can keep him out of trouble. He comes crawling back to investigate (which means, chew on it for a minute).
Finally, he did the classic "I'm tired" whine and flopped his head back. So he and I went to bed. He conked out in minutes and I piled the pillows around him and I returned to watching TV and listening for him with one ear.
Then when the kids got back from dinner, he was like a fish at Pike's market. We could have tossed him across the room and he wouldn't have moved a muscle. J could hardly get him to take a nightcap before they drove home. Must have been that jar of bananas and half jar of sweet potatoes he ate... big eater, he opens his mouth big and wide and waits for it. Like a baby bird.

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